ALUKON M550 profiles which our company imports, provides a high degree of sound and heat isolation via the polyurethane foam injected inside the profiles.The profiles are covered with a lacquer coating which is resistant to scratch,abrasion and sun.

M550 & M520 Pallet Profile
Properties M550 M520
Profile thickness 14mm 13mm
Profile height 66mm 60mm
Blind Surface 55mm 52mm
Profile length 6m 6m
Material thickness 0.43mm 0.36mm
m2 weight 5kg 3.10kg

   The M550 roller shutter palettes has 17 different colors and additionally we have 4 colors of M520 series at our warehouse.These  will add extra values to your living areas at your home,keeping the aesthetic integrity.As having a durable and  protective identity,your Alukon roller shutters also will become a key element of your home security.   
  Depending to your order,it is always possible to implement a tubular motor to a manual system at your  home.Please don't  hesitate to call our company.